Fallon Michelle was extremely hot and sexy Sri Lankan model who is much famous in Sri Lankan advertising and music video industry.
Fallon Michelle is one of extra hot fashion model and she is much famous due to the trend of Sri Lankan fashion photography on facebook and other glamour sites. She apper in lots of photo shoots and some photos of her were published on leading newspapers and magazines in Sri Lanka.

Unlike past there are huge competition on Sri Lankan entertainment industry and lots of girls are trying to enter in this area very eagerly. Due to high competition few of them are remain successfully and rest of them get dropout.

Hope that she could able to get more famous in Sri Lankan media as actress and models.

She was quite tall model with fair skin tone and she is also famous in several music videos which were super hits in Sri Lankan fans.

There are lots of photo collection and fashion portfolio available on Fallon Michelle and following are sevral photographs of her in classical tamil brid look.

Fallon Michelle Photo Collection

Fallon Michelle

Fallon Michelle hot

Fallon Michelle sex

Fallon Michelle facebook

Fallon Michelle fb

Fallon Michele (6)

Fallon Michelle

Fallon Michele (8)

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