Sriyani Amarasena (1)

Sriyani Amarasena is another veteran Sri Lankan movie star who was much famous in late 60s and 70s decade of Sinhala cinema.

Sriyani Amarasena was much privileged to perform with several movies of Lester James Pries such as Golu Hadawatha, Desa Nisa and Ahasin Polawata.

However she was also lucky to act so many movie along with other legendary actors such as Gamini Fonseka , Vijaya Kumaragunga.

Apart of acting she also involved in to television drama an movie production also . Some of her production got ultimate popular among Sri Lankan audience.

She got married to famous Journalist Arthur U. Amarasena and she mentioned he helped alto for the success of her to being as a actress and producer.

She won so many awards and honors for the performance of that movie in national and international level.

She was much lucky to perform and get know some legendary directors and actors. Apart of Stage drama she also appears in several movies and teledramas also.

Now she is very rarely apper on sri Lankan Movies and Teledramas but the performance which she made on in this industry was remarkable.

Following are several rare image collection of this prominent Sri Lankan Star who scarifies her time and energy for the development of Sri Lankan Entertainment industry.


Sriyani Amarasena (2) Sriyani Amarasena Sinhala movies Sriyani Amarasena Producer Sriyani Amarasena Actress

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